Cakes and Dates: A Short Film

Read Time: 1 minute

FRCC Class Project Cakes and Dates
Edited by: Nicholas Hall
Music: Your Lie in April OST / Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Composed by: Masaru Yokoyama Rich Edwards – “For You” (ft. Park Avenue)

Production Crew:
Director: Tina Quayle
Assistant Director: James Rich
Production Advisor: Michael Conti
Camera Crew: Randon LeClaire, Arawn Costello, Juan Miguel Pinto Diaz
Script: Tiana Alstrup, Tina Quayle, Tana Greene

Tana – Tana Greene
Tina – Tina Quayle
James – James Rich
Jake – Jake Garland
Jacob – Jacob Riggs
Arawn – Arawn Costello
Teenage Baker / Cupcake Girl – Leilani

Michael Conti’s Videography I Class Spring 2017 FRCC

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