What Is The Deal? Athletes Abusing Women Has Got to Stop

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Every day that I wake up in this land of freedom, we call America, and I am reminded that women still are treated as if they have no worth or value in this country. Lots of times, for every dollar an hour a man makes, a woman makes $.77 for that same hour for exactly the same job. So, if a man has a job as a cashier and makes $10 an hour, a woman makes $7.70 an hour to push the exact same buttons and interact with exactly the same people? It’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion. But, you know what is even more ridiculous and downright despicable? Sexual and domestic violence towards women.

What prompted me to write this article is, this past week, I turned on “Sportscenter” on ESPN and, lo and behold, there was another athlete, who allegedly, treated some poor woman’s face body as of it was a punching bag. The accused, in this case, was Reuben Foster, a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, who could possibly serve 11 years in prison for domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon, both charges being felonies in California for their severity.

Now, you might say, well this is an isolated event. It happens with athletes sometimes, but, in the scheme of things, regular, everyday people, such as you and I, have committed some of the same brutish acts. That is true, but, look at the past couple of years in sports, both professionally and amateurish.

Baylor fired an entire coaching staff, including the football coach Art Briles, the athletic director, and the president, Kenneth Starr, who resigned because of not only a rape culture, but, these men had tried to conceal their involvement and downplayed their players’ involvement in heinous acts, such as rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Michigan State, who as a university was thought to be a class-act, had Dr. Larry Nassar, who worked with gymnasts and other female athletes, on both the professional and amateur level, abused more than 170 women and girls.

Josh Brown, who was a former kicker for the New York Giants, not only savagely assaulted his wife, but, told the Giants what he had done, and was handed a contract extension. When the details were made public about the abuse towards his wife, public outcry was the only reason the Giants terminated his contract.

This is four cases within the last couple of years from athletes that have given me an extreme amount of pause and confusion.

Does being a professional athlete or highly-paid coach exempt you from being just  a regular man like me or you?

Do these individuals get a pass to commit heinous acts of violence against women and get rewarded for them or to just have their abuses of power swept under the rug and ignored?

As a man, it is appalling to hear that  these despicable acts have been committed against a woman because that is somebody’s sister, mother, aunt, etc. A free society, like America, should neither condone nor turn a blind eye against violence towards women. 2 out of every 5 women in this country has experienced some form of physical violence towards them.

This is completely and utterly unacceptable. In sports and in society, it is time to pay women the same as men for the same job, and, it should have never happened, but, it is time for sexual, physical, and even verbal abuse towards women to stop and for any men still doing these terrible acts, to be brought to light and punished.

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