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Have trouble finding motivation for the gym.  Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to hit the gym.  We work, go to school, have families and many other distractions that pull us away from our fitness goals. Here are 7 helpful tips to get you over your hump.

  1. Work out with friends: Find a workout buddy! We are far less likely to skip the gym if you’ve made a commitment to a friend. Working out is much more fun with a friend.  You can motivate each other and even have a friendly competition!
  2. Change your routine: If you have been doing the same workout routine when you go to the gym, you’re probably bored. Or your progress has slowed and you’re losing motivation.  A simple solution is to try something different.  Your muscles have memory so a workout routine will have reduced gains over time.  Changing your routine ever 6 – 8 weeks prevents plateaus and it keeps the workout interesting.
  3. Make a new music playlist: Having music to get your pumped is a great idea. If you’re finding you dread the gym, make a new workout playlist with all the songs that really get you pumped!
  4. Set up a SMART goal: SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound.  For example, a goal of “losing weight” is good, but it needs more.  How much weight?  How are you going to measure it? Is this a possible goal? Is this a relevant goal?  How much time are you giving yourself?  Rather than say “I want to lose weight,” you might say, “I want to lose 5 pounds of fat by the end of the month.”
  5. Find a good app: There are numerous fitness apps. Most of these apps have similar features including tracking exercise, water intake and calorie intake.  Many of the apps are free.  Additionally, most of these apps connect to your social media accounts so you can share your progress with friends for even more motivation and support.
  6. Make a Non-Negotiable Scheduled Workout: Why do you go to work, pay your bills, and call your best friend? Because these things are priorities. You have to make your workout a priority. Set up a workout schedule for yourself. You could take this a step further and build in a reward system for completing workouts.
  7. Reward yourself: Your progress is a reward by itself. However, the journey to a fit body can take time and we may need a little push.  Remember those goals from a few lines up?  It’s important to reward yourself when you achieve those goals.  My personal favorite is new workout gear.  I get myself something cute and I can’t wait to wear it to the gym.

Finding and keeping motivated is hard, but these 7 tips can help you simplify it.  Good luck in your goals!

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