The Reality of Race

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The topic of Race is an enormously controversial one, in the modern political world. Many refuse to acknowledge its existence, while others argue that it is the primary determinant in who we are as a people and a nation. Despite this latter opinion being present in various political ideologies, the ability to discuss, in courtesy, mutual respect and civility, the topic of race, is a practically insurmountable task to accomplish. Emotional accusations of racism and white supremacy abound, making territory for constructive discussion impossible regarding this controversial topic. Still, for many centrists, moderates, and others on the Right wing, there is present a hesitancy to address this issue, due to a lack of clear understanding on the topic.

Is race an objective reality, or a politically-conceived ghost? The most efficient method of discussing this topic is through objective empirical observation, and scientific fact. Included in this essay are the simple biological realities of the inflammatory topic of Race.

In terms of physics, the second law of thermodynamics illustrates the tendency of organisms and complete, complex systems to degrade, decay and degenerate over time, in a phenomenon called entropy. In philosophical observations, this process might also be observed in societal tendencies, E.G. the eventual collapse of prominent civilizations, like the fall of Rome and Greece. The inherent, instinctual response to entropy is to develop immunities to environmental susceptibilities, to delay the phenomenon, increase the quality of life, and secure prosperity for future generations. Actions contrary to this endeavor are internally destructive and counter productive to the preservation of organisms(from a biological perspective) and to the protection of societies(from a sociological one).

Extending this scientific observation to a political perspective grants us the ability to objectively observe the inherent detriments of one particular ideology- that of multiculturalism. The integration of a foreign group into a native population, and the subsequent invasion that occurs thereafter, results in the inevitable destruction of the native species.

One example of this is the proliferation of the Snakehead fish within the United States, originally indigenous to numerous countries in Africa and Asia. This monstrous fish deemed the title “Frankenfish” due to both its tendency to grow up to 18 lbs and 3 feet long, as well as its abnormal evolutionary ability to walk on terrestrial landscapes, is now considered an injurious species as it has infested the Potomac river with an estimated 22,000 organisms spanning 120 miles. A crucial detail to note is that the species were originally introduced legally; the introduction of the species into new habitats in the U.S. wasn’t prohibited until the problem had already become prominent, and biologists currently struggle to contain it.

In biology, this is an invasive species.

In history, similar sociological invasions are what caused great empires to fall, like the Roman Empire did to consistent Germanic invasion.

In Liberalism, it’s considered multiculturalism- and if you oppose it, you’re an inherently evil, bigoted racist, in the eyes of the left.

To the liberal, the notion of “equality” is the acceptance of a sociological eutrophication. In biology, this process is defined by an eventual degeneration of a habitat due to the overproduction of organic matter. In terms of society, we could consider this overpopulation, hence the unsustainable reproductive rate of many particularly destitute countries in Africa and the Middle East, like Nigeria and Yemen. The liberal solution? Accept unprecedented quantities of immigrants from uncivilized countries with a lack of basic healthcare, sanitation, and governmental structure, into major civilized and industrialized countries.

The most impoverished and destitute countries are, coincidentally, the ones with the highest reproductive rate.

But what is the result of this liberal “solution”? In biology, such a phenomenon creates large dead zones, incapable of sustaining life. In politics, such hazardous areas are synonymous with “No-Go zones”, or previously civilized areas now destabilized by rambunctious aliens that have driven away residents. The occurrence is now so frequent in areas plagued by immigrants that apps have been designed to warn citizens of areas that are unsafe due to violence and crime. Users receive notifications whenever an occurrence of assault, theft, sexual harassment or “incivility”(Insurrection) occurs.

The development of modern medication, vaccinations, sanitation, healthcare and general civilization are all methods developed to effectively hinder the process of entropy, and has thus differentiated major industrialized countries from destitute countries with a lack of resources. This drastic observation between major industrialized and educated nations, and impoverished, anarchic countries entrapped within destitute conditions, illustrates the difference between citizens of the most probable intellectual aptitude, and others who lack self sufficiency for even the most basic necessities, let alone the societal luxuries of industrialization and education.

The process by which organisms of the same species are geographically separated and thus develop genetic and behavioral differences respective to their habitats, or Allopatric Speciation, is also an explanation for the drastic differences in terms of the cultural, behavioral, and intellectual variations between civilized, industrialized nations and destitute ones. Demographics demonstrating these evident differences are best maintained separately from one another- ironically, this is the literal definition of “diversity”; however, the liberal definition of diversity is entirely different- it is actually the destruction of demographics by forcing them to assimilate under the guise of “multiculturalism”.

These scientific facts are the established foundation for the biological reality of race. Racial realism, or, the belief that homo-sapiens can be classified according to racial demographic, is a controversial, albeit factual, concept. Irrespective of how it may be passionately denied, the distinct differentiation between races may be observed in any objective inquiry into natural processes, through differences in Intelligence Quotient, crime statistics, poverty, lack of modern industrialization, Fertility and mortality rate, et cetera. Equality, from a purely empirical perspective, is not a spontaneous creation of nature; it is a fictitiously fabricated ideal of human consciousness and a perspective of established false societal morality. Man is, for all intents and purposes, a deified-animal: he is a superior creation that has developed over innumerable trials of environmental adaptation and enhancement. He is god-like in his depiction of divine forces being reminiscent of himself; his depiction of the Gods are a macrocosm of what he himself embodies in nature, in relation to other species. Nature has no consideration of the individuals within a species, but emphasizes the preservation of the majority. This truth is inherently difficult to reconcile with the idealistic Constitutional principles upon which our country was established, but it is one that must be discussed and thoroughly understood before it may be cooperative with philosophically idealistic efforts of equal opportunity.

Humans beings, like all biological organisms, are subject to the same laws of nature implicit in the preservation of the most efficient members of a species, that being natural selection; consequently, like every other species, humans experience divergence between racial demographics to increase competition for resources by Allopatric Speciation, or the phenomenon in which species develop genetic differences due to geographical separation. Therefore, irrefutable differences in racial demographics that are native to different continents are present. This is also reinforced through anthropological evidence demonstrating skeletal differences by race. Other factors illustrate the differences between racial demographics as well, including IQ, mortality rate, poverty, industrialization, etc.

East Asians possess the highest statistical IQ average, at 105+, while Africans possess the lowest statistical IQ average at 65 or less.

Other factors, including poverty, industrialization, fertility and mortality rates also illustrate the drastic differences in racial demographic.

We see the phenomenon of natural selection in motion through the frequency of disease and mortality in underdeveloped countries; this is essentially an evolutionary response to contain an imploding population in unsustainable conditions.

However, even in attempted multicultural and integrated societies, some demographics possess a greater disproportionate probability of violence, poverty, drug usage, arrest and mortality. This suggests an internal mechanism that creates a deviation from normal behavior. The unfortunate state of the human condition is evident in our inferiority to the laws of nature. It is, therefore, undeniable that distinct genetic, behavioral, and physiological characteristics allow us to be categorized accordingly. These categorizations, in turn, make perfectly logical arguments for defending the interests of our respective racial groups.

Ultimately, the topic of Race, while inflamed with controversy and emotional sensitivity, can only be constructively discussed within the context of objective fact, free of bias and political rhetoric. It is, scientifically, a reality, and any realistic political ideology need establish itself according to our natural world, in acknowledgement and appreciation of its reality and whole truth.

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  1. Very interesting. I learned something new, I had not heard of the Snake Head fish, but I clearly saw the comparison to the human invasion.

  2. I had never heard of the Snake Head Fish, but I have certainly heard of other invasive species, and it can certainly be compared to the human invasion that the US and other industrialised states are experiencing. The entire situation is unsustainable in the long term, and is going to break down. It is only a question of time. This author quite correctly indicates the problem. I suspect she probably has interesting ideas on how to resolve it as well.

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