A Chemically Castrated America

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In the wake of the technological marvels accomplished by the hands of Modernity, modern man has settled into a comfortable complacency and satisfaction with his achievements. Having instilled confidence in the consistently evolving facets of medicinal and agricultural practice as they adopt technological means to increase efficiency, he amuses himself with societal distractions and commodities, content to allow an apparently automated development continue unnoticed. However, this lazy complacency has caused him to drift into a dangerous slumber, oblivious to the increasingly totalitarian, subversive and hazardous practices that have infiltrated the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. A plethora of newly emerged, formidable threats have crept upon the American populace, that extend far beyond what is currently perceived; virtually every aspect of modern society has become infested with seemingly benevolent trends that, while appearing beneficial or progressive, are effectively hypnotizing, deceiving, infesting, crippling and castrating the population. While the discussion of potentially hazardous chemicals within vaccines, goods for consumption, and other products is often dismissed as a sensationalized conspiracy, the objective realities lurking beneath the surface of the fantastical claim illustrate a legitimately ominous reality.

Any mildly meticulous observation of the common products found within the average household yields results that should be considered a cause of concern. The average individual is unaware, for example, that their nonchalant consumption of Coca-Cola or Pepsi is actually the ingestion of Phosphoric acid, a chemical so acidic that it is capable of deteriorating rust, and can create a severe calcium deficiency that renders the body incapable of maintaining skeletal durability; likewise, many are oblivious of boric acid, a substance found in the vast majority of contact solutions (that is most frequently used in pesticides) and can cause severe rashes, vomiting, fainting, and in exceptionally severe cases, induce comas. Most deodorants contain aluminum, which can become toxic through its absorption in the brain, kidneys and liver over an extensive period of time; premature infants are also particularly susceptible, and overexposure can tamper with crucial bone development. Likewise, diet sodas substitute aspartame, the most popular form of artificial sweetener, for actual sugar, and thereby expose the population to a chemical that has been linked to carcinogenic characteristics, according to the American Journal of Industrialized medicine. Additional research by the Canadian Medical Association Journal discovered a correlation between aspartame and a drastic increase in cardiovascular disease. Another alarming discovery is the presence of lead in a vast number of infant baby foods; 20% of those analyzed in a study by the FDA contained lead, including 89% of grape juice samples, 67% of mixed fruit juice samples, and 55% of apple juice samples. 86% of sweet potatoes and carrots were also found to possess lead. This is particularly dangerous due to the greater susceptibility of infants to lead poisoning, which attacks the renal and nervous systems and interrupts the body’s ability to filter out toxins. Extended exposure to lead can also cause mental retardation and behavioral disorders. These, and many other typical household items, contain chemicals and substances that should be used only with the exercise of circumspect caution, at a minimum.

The gamble of immunization

The primary discussion pertaining to this topic, however, is the aggressive controversy regarding vaccines. As legislation has been passed to reinforce the binding legality of mandatory vaccinations, many have become increasingly suspicious of the chemicals and components within the most popular immunizations. To address this controversy, however, one must first identify what vaccinations actually are. They are defined as Antigens, or, substances that are intentionally introduced in the body to stimulate a defensive response, and thus strengthen immunity. In laymen’s terms, vaccines are weakened viruses and bacteria that are deliberately introduced into the body at a minimum quantity to trigger a protective reaction by the body’s white blood cells, that in turn establish an immunity to the respective virus/bacteria. This foundational understanding necessitates a cautious consideration of the potentially adverse effects of vaccinations, particularly regarding infants, who possess a greater susceptibility to disease.

 As previously mentioned, the potentially hazardous substance, aluminum, is present within a variety of vaccinations, most notably in the Hepatitis B Recombivax, Hepatitis A and B Twinrix, and Hep A Vaqta, used to prevent liver infections; HPV Cerverix and HPV Gardasi, Japanese Encephalitis Ixiaro, Pneumococcal Prevnar and Pneumococcal Prevnar 13, Td Decavac, Tdap Boostrix, and Tdap Adacel; coincidentally, the Hepatitis vaccine is the first vaccine that is administered to an infant immediately after birth, with a second dose being given between the first and second month- aluminum, then, becomes one of the first substances that is introduced to a child’s immune system after birth.

 In addition to aluminum, another harmful substance frequently found in vaccinations is formaldehyde, most commonly known as the preservative used in mortuaries, as well as being considered a germicide. Research originating back to 1980 suggests the potentiality of the substance being considered a carcinogen after animal testing yielded the development of nasal cancer as a result of exposure; that hypothesis was then solidified in 2011, when the National Toxicology program officially classified formaldehyde as a known carcinogen. Similarly to aluminum, formaldehyde is also found in numerous vaccinations, including Hep B Recombivax, Influenza Agriflu, Fluarix, Flulaval, Fluzone, IVP Ipol, Japanese Encephalitis JE-Vax, Japanese Encephalitis Ixiaro, Meningococcal Menactra, and Meningococcal Menveo. 

Another particularly questionable, prominent ingredient within many vaccines are various strands of animal protein and tissue; notably, Chicken protein(Rabies RabAvert) Chick kidney cells(Influenza FluMist), Mouse protein(Japanese Encephalitis (JE-Vax), bovine(cow) albumin (DTap Infanrix Tripedia, DTaP/Hib (TriHIBit) Pneumococcal Pneumovax), insect cell protein(HPV Cerverix), and, more disturbingly, the kidney tissue of primates(DTaP-IPV kinrix, DTaP-HepB-IPV pediarix, IPV Ipol, Vaccinia (ACAM2000). The introduction of foreign animal proteins directly into the bloodstream presents a potentially dangerous possibility for the body’s immune system to develop an inability to differentiate between native and foreign tissues, and thus develop an auto-immune disease; this is notably demonstrated in the FDA’s discussion of the potentiality of the transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or, Mad Cow disease, in human beings. In human beings, this disease is diagnostically similar to Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, a severe neurological disease characterized by the rapid degradation of mental function and increasingly severe impairment resulting in personality changes, dementia, and fatality. 

 All of these substances that are frequently utilized within vaccinations necessitate a cautious, observant assessment of the consequential results of these compounds, in determining whether the benefits substantially outweigh the potentially hazardous consequences. Irrespective of whether an individual enthusiastically supports mandatory immunization, or demonstrates an exceptional skepticism of them in general, the objective need in analyzing the consequences, both deliberate and incidental, that result from these ingredients, remains consistent. 

A chemically engineered societal shift 

 Scientific studies indicate a plummeting sperm count in Western men, a drastically decreasing tendency that began in 1973; documented research between 1973–2011 indicates that the overall fertility and sperm count of males in the United States, Europe and Australia has decreased, on average, 1.4% per year, with an overall decline of 52.4% during that 38 year time span. In contrast to this sharp decline of European fertility, the highest rates of reproduction occur in Africa; 28 of the top 30 countries with the highest fertility rate are African. The United States takes the 143rd position on the list, with a 1.87 average fertility rate; in addition, 22 of the bottom 30 countries with the lowest documented fertility rate are European. 

The logical conclusion, then, is that the rapidly declining European population is at an intrinsic evolutionary disadvantage in comparison to demographics, namely Africans, that are demonstrating a drastic population increase. But the nature of the abrupt impairment that is plaguing European, American and Australian fertility rates is a curious one; the consistently decreasing statistical trend that illustrates no sign of shifting in course is assuredly not a spontaneous occurrence. Along with the steadily decreasing European population and poor fertility rate is an abnormal increase in behaviors atypical to men, namely, prominently effeminate behaviors and mannerisms. 

 Within the last decade, the political landscape, particularly within the United States, has shifted drastically. Along with a newly developed social justice movement has come a vitalized advocacy for the LGBT community. Although the presence of homosexuals has been documented throughout history, including within ancient Western civilizations, the unprecedented rise of not only homosexuality, but also the phenomenon of transgenderism, and effeminate characteristics among men, illustrates a peculiar societal trend that can in no logical sense be considered a coincidence, when observed in close detail.

 An estimated 0.6% of the American population identifies as transgender; although that percentage seems microscopic, it comprises 1.4 million individuals, or 1 in every 250 adults, who claim to psychologically identify as the opposite sex, or, in some cases, perceive themselves as being completely detached from the entire concept of biological gender. This is twice the estimated percentage of transgenders that was established in a 2011 study. Statistical data indicates a high correlation between mental instability and transgender identification; 41% of respondents in a survey by the U.S. National Library of Medicine indicated that they have attempted suicide at least once; transgenders are likewise four times more likely to contract HIV. The normalization of this phenomenon, despite the intrinsically detrimental implications to physical and psychological health, has become so extensively normalized that Washington State now permits the “non-binary gender X” as an option on birth certificates, and removes the previous requirement for transgender individuals to obtain medical approval from their primary physician in order to legally change their designated gender. Likewise, the increase of STDs, which is also correlated to male homosexuality, has become increasingly prominent; in 2017 alone a record high of 2,295,739 cases were reported, and homosexual men accounted for 68% of those total cases, notably regarding Syphilis. There was also an astounding 44% increase in infants contracting the disease. The notion that these phenomena which are directly correlated to suicidal tendencies and a high percentage of sexually transmitted diseases should become normalized is spectacularly absurd, and even ominous; this also brings into question how such an abnormally rapid development could be considered so casual, and what could instigate it. 

 The most disturbing aspect of the increasingly prominent effeminate element within Western men, however, is the introduction of children into the realm of sexuality; explicitly pedophilic groups like NAMBLA(North American Man-Boy Love Association) have created the subtle suggestion that this is a societally progressive normality that need be accepted. This is most notably illustrated in the controversy revolving around Desmond Napoles, an 11 year old proclaimed homosexual advocate and drag queen, who has posed with a naked adult male drag queen, and been involved in podcasts in which he imitates inhaling ketamine. As illustrated by this example, the quality of adolescent mental health is likewise steadily declining; approximately 14–20% of adolescents were diagnosed with a mental illness, as of 2009; 1 in 59 children have been identified with Autism as of 2014– double the prevalence discovered in 2000, when that statistic was 1 in 150. 

Substantial empirical evidence suggests that these recently developed, disturbing societal tendencies are potentially being reinforced, whether incidentally, or deliberately, with suspiciously coincidental chemical engineering. The most credited theory regarding the decrease in testosterone and the development of an abnormal effeminate presence in men is attributed to Atrazine, the second most popularly used herbicide in the United States. An estimated 80 billion pounds are sprayed throughout the country annually, and it is considered the most common contaminant of rainwater, to such an extensive degree that more than 500,000 pounds are precipitated via rainfall each year. Most notably, the herbicide affects amphibians and other aquatic species, but the effects also extend to birds and reptiles. The most alarming discovery pertaining to this chemical is its intrinsic capacity to chemically castrate, and drastically alter, the reproductive organs of African clawed frogs. 10% of the affected males developed into functioning female frogs, while the remaining majority experienced a drastic decrease in testosterone and interrupted mating capacity; the tremendously potent endocrine agitator creates tremendous altercations in hormone activity, and for this reason is dangerous to human development. The widespread application of the substance, then, raises substantial reason for concern. 

Nightmare bacteria, the new face of disease 

 An increasingly prominent overprescription of opioid medications has presented a continual problem in the United States; in 2015, more than 1 in 3 used a prescription opioid, and out of 92 million people using prescribed medications like Percocet and OxyContin, an estimated 11.5 million misused those drugs that were obtained through illicit methods. Opioids present a particular danger to developing fetuses; mothers prescribed opioids immediately before pregnancy are 2.5x more likely to give birth to an autistic child. Drug overdose fatality rates rose 21.5%, and deaths resulting from synthetic opioids doubled in 2015–2016 alone. In addition to these problems, however, a new formidable threat has emerged: the development of a new strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, referred to as “Nightmare Bacteria”, now poses an increasingly severe threat to the American populace. The over-prescription of powerful opioid medications, the incompletion of a full dosage of needed antibiotics, and the inaccurate diagnosis of illnesses, have all contributed to this phenomenon. An estimated 23,000 people die annually as a result of an infection characterized by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the presence of these bacterial strains have expanded from one state in 2001, to 40+ by 2013.

 11% of screening tests of average Americans, with no perceived physical ailments or symptoms, yielded results of a presence of antibiotic-resistant germs, and a total of 221 different resistant strains have been discovered thus far. The gradual, subtle introduction of increasingly potent chemicals and compounds within not only commonplace household materials and food goods, but also within immunizations and vital aquatic resources, has cultivated an unprecedented, calculative attack upon the European and American populations; whether or not one agrees that this is a deliberate phenomenon, the objective reality remains that what is occurring is creating damage that, left unobstructed, will cause irreparable damage. 

Addressing a cultural plague 

 The culmination of all of these dangerous trends are effectively deceiving, diluting, weakening, hypnotizing and castrating European and American society. The objective observations of these statistical occurrences indicate a sinisterly orchestrated endeavor to destroy any coherent white civilization, and degrade culturally wealthy, homogeneous and unified societies into incoherent, multicultural and totalitarian ones plagued by political corruption, increased crime, rampant degeneracy and the destruction of national identity. The nation is, by origin, an extended development of the demographical identity; thus, the disintegration of fertility rates, the incapacitation of masculinity and testosterone, the deliberate introduction of chemicals that obstruct neurological development, and the discouragement of reproduction, all serve as effective methods to castrate a population, and render it indefensible to the invasion of foreign demographics, cultures and ideologies. It is no coincidence that the foreign populations that are experiencing rapid population development are gaining unprecedented cultural and political influence in predominantly European countries; the conflict in which we are currently engaged is not merely an ideological or cultural one, but, on a fundamental level, a biological one.

This exhaustive compilation of information is an objective, empirically reinforced reality. No declaration illustrated here is established upon obscure sensationalism, or ambiguous conspiracy; the biological warfare being waged upon Europeans by their own increasingly totalitarian governments is an authentic reality, and elaborates upon the correlation between the debilitation of white populations and the expansion of liberal, globalist philosophies. This phenomenon is, objectively, deliberate cultural conditioning and chemical castration. The acknowledgement of this issue is the first imperative in standing in opposition to a globalist, universalist agenda, and only through that awareness is there any feasible possibility of restoring European civilization to her original splendor, fertility, and cultural authority, and preserving her philosophical values of liberty, autonomy, and identity.


























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