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In the words of Gertrude Stein, “You are all a lost generation.” This quote is found on the first page of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also RisesThe decadence and essence of broken men, I felt was apropos for how I feel about Hollywood, their media, and the Oscars these days. Can we go back to the days of Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.? (I could list for days…) 

The only two films I saw in the nominations was Isle of Dogs, which I saw in theatre multiple times, as is a ritual of mine for all Wes Anderson releases. It was of course a beautiful animated film. Anderson must be a glutton for punishment to go into stop animation a second time, and somehow he managed to make an even more captivating and beautiful film than The Fantastic Mr Fox.

I also saw BlacKkKlansman. and felt that Spike Lee really undershot his potential in this. I am a huge fan of his, and saw this in theatre as well as I had really hoped for another Spike Lee classic. Instead I felt I was given an undercover cop drama meets buddy cop meets Do the Right Thing meets 25th Hour. Seeing as how the two films I mention are my favorite of Lee’s you would think I would love this film, but instead felt he mailed it in on this one.

I think the fact that Black Panther is being nominated is pure evidence of how terrified they are of losing ratings. This is not a legit nomination, but rather the sociological, political ploy to win the hearts of black america and somehow repair its image after last year’s debacle. Then with Kevin Hart, and the whole controversy there, it has just become an absolute mess. I don’t care to watch, and most likely won’t.

I hope that Wes Anderson wins for everything he is up for, and outside of this, I really couldn’t care less what Hollywood is aiming to do politically these days. I am not their target audience and that is fine. I plan to make films for audiences who would appreciate some of the traditional values in film and art that seems to be trifled down in today’s era. These social justice warriors are more adamant in making all female cast remakes of Ghostbusters, et al, to appease the minority and female crowds. I mean good for them, there is a market there that could be had. I just feel it cheapens the experience, and ultimate value of what is even being made.

If your motivation for making a film is to make money, and market towards particular waves of culture? Then as a business man, I don’t knock the capitalistic endeavor.

As a filmmaker and lover of cinema, and art? I feel we are being sold cheap crap as a symbol of virtue signalling, all for the mighty dollar. Why not make original characters that we love?

At least Black Panther is semi-original in that, no movie was made yet, (but it was a comic material, and as a childhood fan of comics I can’t stand Marvel anymore period, because I feel my soul is cashed out on how much I care about comic book movies anymore.) I just feel that instead of aiming to really make art that matters, and tell stories that matter, they are more concerned with what sex, race, and political issue to tackle in each film, and therefore predicts who will take home the awards. The awards are just tokens of selling your soul to the corporate machine to make substandard films to meet target audiences.

Just to clarify and make sure that there is no mistaking my direction in anger towards this all:

I am not against female movies, minority films, etc. In fact I want them, I just want better versions of them, not some cheap watered down meet the status-quo, modus operandi, that is, building films around these markets… instead of just building great films, and seeking out ones that are for women and minorities. Frankly women and minorities deserve better than hand-me-down remakes of old white male characters. 


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  1. Only movie I liked in 2018 was Bohemian Raspady. Not because Freddie was gay but because his closest friends told the story of his life and they did a great job. In 2018 it was also announced Batman is getting a show as a women and lesbian this pisses me off. Black panther lesbian Batman live action teen titans with bi beast boy Wonder Woman who defends the hijab I cannot take it it feels like Hollywood has become nothing more then a ad agency trying to hit emotional soft spots while separating us into cliches but I don’t blame the directors producers or writers even I blame China they own all 6 major Hollywood studios and their employees just want to get paid and keep their jobs recreating the mainstream norm seeing as they own it and until their regulated I watch knowing every last movie of 2018 is communist party approved and every last Oscar went to whoever brought the communist party the most money Talent great acting and spot on performances mean nothing

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