ANNOUNCING: Kristen Lynn, will become Qabick Cents Productions First Official Singer Songwriting Artist.

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The contracts are being written up now, and will soon have the ink dry. We at Qabick Cents Productions are PROUD to be able to bring the amazingly talented:

Kristen Lynn to our Qabick Cents Family. She has an incredible voice, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board. Please, everyone, give a warm welcome to her. Go check out the recordings she has up now, right here.

My favorite so far would be this Track here. An original song called Catch Me, will be specifically re-mastered, produced, and engineered by James Rich, for Qabick Cents Productions.

This song will be an official Qabick Cents Production, and we will publish it. This song will also be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming short film by James Rich, Secret Admirer.

We will publish a few more singles to come, but look out world! Kristen Lynn of Qabick Cents Productions is about to take the world by STORM!

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