“You are all a Lost Generation.”

In the words of Gertrude Stein, "You are all a lost generation." This quote is found on the first page of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. The decadence and essence of broken men, I felt was apropos for how I feel about Hollywood, their media, and the Oscars these days.

Stranger Things: Qabick Edition

Stranger Things: Qabick Edition Made by James Rich of Qabick Cents Productions

Before His Time: How Gonzo Journalism Invaded Our Lives

We all know the story. August 2005 outside of Aspen, Colorado, Hunter Stockton Thompson’s ashes were fired out of a cannon. This was his funeral, and how he wanted to...

Our Beautiful Family

We at Qabick Cents Productions wanted to pay some specific love and fandom to strong contributors that have made up this beautiful team and family!   Thank you Fam!  

Nintendo Switch Game Reviews COMING SOON!

Qabick Cents Presents: Trailer for upcoming Nintendo Switch Video Game Reviews to come on Qabick Cents Productions Video Arranged by: James Rich

Stay Tuned…

  WE Have Plenty to come. Please stay tuned. in the meantime here is a collection of all our Logo Animations  

Interview with Director: Romain Vakilitabar

Interview with Romain Vakilitabar, Director of the VR film "My Beautiful Home." Boulder International Film Festival: Virtual Reality Pavilion Director: James Rich Director: James Rich Interviewer: James Rich Production Crew: James Rich Dairdre Scriven Nicholas Hall Editor: Nicholas Hall #2017BIFF #FilmUP #PartyDown

Singer Songwriter Showcase: BIFF 2017

Boulder International Film Festival: Singer Songwriter Showcase Song: Sundried by Halle Tomlinson Director: James Rich Editor: Nicholas Hall Production Crew: James Rich Dairdre Scriven Nicholas Hall #2017BIFF #FilmUP #PartyDown

Cakes and Dates: A Short Film

FRCC Class Project Cakes and Dates Edited by: Nicholas Hall Music: Your Lie in April OST / Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Composed by: Masaru Yokoyama Rich Edwards - "For You" (ft. Park...

Awkward Diner: A Short Film

Awkward Diner: A Short Film by James Rich of Qabick Cents Productions