Trailer #2: The End of the World Podcast with Derek Erik

The End of the World Podcast with Derek Erik: OFFICIAL TRAILER #2 STAY TUNED! The first episode is being shot and edited now!

The End of the World Podcast with Derek Erik: Teaser

A Black Comedy Satire about the Apocalypse. Coming Soon to

The Show: Every Sitcom Ever

Sitcoms can be a bit formulaic, so Dalen Brazelton tried his hand at capturing one of those formulas. Starring Justin Platt as Celebrity Guest Appearance.

Detective Goodguy: TRY HARD | One Take Scene

The Try It! Trophies have gone missing, and it's up to Detective Goodguy and his assistant Patty Cake to solve the mystery.

Wyoming Doesn’t Exist | A Short Film

Daniel Baxter, prominent Wyoming non-believer, tries to convince his friend about the truth of the "state" after he returns home from vacation.

Clueless | A Short Film

0 A picture is worth a thousand words, which is convenient when you make a short film with no actual dialogue.

My Life Narrative: Justin Platt

Justin Platt from Qabick Cents and CMU-TV gives us an inside look to his upbringing and who he is today, because of who he was,; and where he is going.

Rockin’ Redeemer: The Story of JC & The Disciples

In 1977, one band took over the world. Its ideals, its spirit, and its music. This is JC & The Disciples. By: Skyler Frieling


1 Short film exploring mental health. By: Justin Platt Follow Justin on IG: @_justinplatt_

A Day in the Life of Dalen Brazelton

Why walk a mile in someone's shoes when you can watch a short personal narrative about them instead? Same thing, right?