Goodbye My Brother: A Farewell to Kobe Bryant

He was truly one of a kind and I want to give my final farewell. I’m going to miss you Kobe Bean Bryant. You were a brother and a great loss.

Where Men Went Wrong: The Death of the Romantic Relationship And How Men Can...

Here at Qabick Cents, I’m a Sports Columnist. I talk about any and every sport without bias or prejudice. The reason being is because there are way too...
Black Quarterbacks

The Curious Case of the Black Quarterback

Throughout the history of modern sports, race has played an integral and divisive role. Race has helped shape how society views and participates in sports.

On a Second Civil War

The European values of liberty, autonomy, personal responsibility and constitutionality are incompatible with multiculturalism.

A Chemically Castrated America

A compilation of empirical studies and observations illustrating the potentially hazardous chemicals within vaccines, food products, and household items.

The Biological Defense of Firearms

Given recent tragedies, there is a heated controversy over the nature of current laws pertaining to the accessibility of firearms. Many argue that guaranteed security need be prioritized over risky...

What Is The Deal? Athletes Abusing Women Has Got to Stop

Every day that I wake up in this land of freedom, we call America, and I am reminded that women still are treated as if they have no worth or...