Behind the Scenes: James Rich (Extended Version)

0 The Film and Animation program at Colorado Mesa University has been teaching students how to make short films by assigning them a...
Black Quarterbacks

The Curious Case of the Black Quarterback

Throughout the history of modern sports, race has played an integral and divisive role. Race has helped shape how society views and participates in sports.

Behind the Scenes with James Rich

On location of the short film, "Secret Admirer" Dalen Brazelton directs this short piece of a behind the scenes footage and interview of James Rich...

The Joker Phenomenon

“Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?” Spoiler Alert Many have praised Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker as being...

Sample of Kristen Lynn’s upcoming single, ‘Catch Me’ a Qabick Cents Production.

This song will be featured on the ‘Secret Admirer’ Soundtrack, a short film by James Rich. We will be re-recording/re-mastering this and re-releasing it soon! Stay Tuned to...

ANNOUNCING: Kristen Lynn, will become Qabick Cents Productions First Official Singer Songwriting Artist.

The contracts are being written up now, and will soon have the ink dry. We at Qabick Cents Productions are PROUD to be able to bring the amazingly...

Libations of Love

The Basic Framework for Hellenic Ritual The purpose of rituals First and foremost, it is imperative...

“The Bacchants Are Few.”

An Introduction to Hellenismos In his discussion with his compatriots immediately preceding his execution at the hands of the Athenian State, Socrates...

The Virtue of Vision

Athenian Wisdom & Medusian Hubris  Perseus Confronting Phineus with the Head of Medusa, by Sebastiano Ricci, circa 1705–1710 “Ὀφθαλμοῦ κράτει.”

On a Second Civil War

The European values of liberty, autonomy, personal responsibility and constitutionality are incompatible with multiculturalism.