Libations of Love

The Basic Framework for Hellenic Ritual The purpose of rituals First and foremost, it is imperative to understand why rituals...

“The Bacchants Are Few.”

An Introduction to Hellenismos In his discussion with his compatriots immediately preceding his execution at the hands of the Athenian State, Socrates elaborated upon the nature...

The Virtue of Vision

Athenian Wisdom & Medusian Hubris  Perseus Confronting Phineus with the Head of Medusa, by Sebastiano Ricci, circa 1705–1710 “Ὀφθαλμοῦ κράτει.”

The Mysteries of the Phoenix – Phœnix – Phenix – φοῖνιξ

I am the Phoenix, the Fiery Sun, Consuming and Resuming Myself." ~ The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Awakening Osiris.

ABRACADABRA אברא כדברא: The Power of the Word

For everything in our lives is conveyed and expressed with WORDS, So knowing the Power, Beauty, Force and Ferocious Splendour of our Words Spoken and Written, is the key to understanding all the Mysteries. As language and Words create the filters through which we perceive, identify and view the world and people around Us.

Rites of Februata: Beauty, Love & Sexuality

Philosophical concepts of love, eroticism, and sexuality through the lens of ancient fertility rites and festivities, such as the rite of Juno Februata

The Alchemical Process of the Crow: Part One

"The Black bird singing in the dead of the night" "The alchemical process of the crow." Part one... The Crow my son, that which is born of the crow is...

Utopia or Dystopia?: A Political Science Essay

Utopia was first coined as a term by the late great Sir Thomas More. What many fail to recognize in his describing of such a place, was that it is...

Plato and the Republic: A Political Science Essay

The Republic and Plato by James Rich of Qabick Cents Productions ------------------------- Identify the key points of Plato's classic text The Republic. Explain the impacts of this text on modern political science. Why...

Zeus, Ganesha, Hanuman & Horus: Polytheism & Deep Ecology

“Once the concept ‘nature’ was taken to mean the opposite of the concept God, the word ‘natural’ had to acquire the meaning of abominable…He is by no means the crown...