by KillerLeft at 9 hours ago
Dude, I see you. You logged in. Better say Hello, or I'm going to give your diner a bad yelp review. (jk)
by Kammrath at 10-15-2020, 03:30 PM
Odds to win the West in 2021:

1) Lakers: +275
2) Clippers: +375
3) Warriors: +400
4) Nuggets: +1200
5) Rockets: +1200
6) Mavericks: +1400
7) Trail Blazers: +1800
8) Jazz: +2500
9) Pelicans: +2500
10) Suns: +3300
11) Thunder: +4000
12) Grizzlies: +5000
13) Kings: +12500
14) Spurs: +12500
15) Timberwolves: +12500

What do you think? Does this look right? Mavs as 6 seed, fighting for 4 seed?
by Dirk Diggler at 10-14-2020, 04:14 PM
Stumbled across this and thought it would interest y'all. Some great info in there like how 41 fans picked the name of the team and how there were 77 revisions done on the original logo.
Check it out!

by ItsGoTime at 10-12-2020, 05:54 AM
...losing a final to Dirk Nowitzki.

...not making the playoffs with a team that Dirk had most of his career.

...proclaiming himself the GOAT.

...ESPN specials to tell whoever stupidly tuned in where he was going in FA.

...getting told before a finals game by a small Puerto Rican that he’s gonna get dominated, AND THEN ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!

...making the finals...but losing 60% of those times!
by BoulderMFFL at 09-29-2020, 01:06 PM
While ex-teammates, ex-coaches and so on are "reaching out" to Delonte West via social media, Mark Cuban took action to help a former Mav straighten out his life.

To Mark: Your kind and selfless act is truly extraordinary.  Thank you for caring about all your players, both past and present.       

To Delonte: I hope you accept the help that you so desperately need.  I am rooting for you to get healthy. 

To the mods: I know there is a Mark Cuban thread.  However, I felt this deserved its own thread.
by Mapka at 09-27-2020, 06:13 AM
I was just reading about how successful the 76s tank job was, because they got two Top20(?) players. 

So I thought about an alternative timeline where Philly didn't trank and how their team could look.

I think something like

Jure Holiday - Butler - Covington - Grant - Holmes could have been easyly done. 

Is this illusional or thinkable?
by Kammrath at 09-24-2020, 02:08 PM
[Image: EisRcrxXYAEXkmY?format=png&name=large]

This is his explanation:

Quote:Here's what I did:
>Plug in a team's most-used lineup
>Find avg net rating for its 50 comps
(-1.1 pts per 100 poss)
>Repeat for the next 9 most-used lineups
(-2.7, +9.2, -0.4, +1.4, -4.5, +7.3, +3.5, +2.4, +8.0)
>Avg ratings weighted by poss

Here is his article on his lineup similarity app:

Here is the app:

He classifies all players by three skills:

1) Floor Spacing
2) Offensive Creation
3) Rim Protection

[Image: 02-Similar-Lineup-Finder-sorted-by-load-and-3PA.jpg]
[Image: 03-Similar-Lineup-Finder-sorted-by-load-...ection.jpg]
[Image: 04-Similar-Lineup-Finder-sorted-by-3PA-a...ection.jpg]
[Image: 05-Similar-Lineup-Finder-3d-skills-chart.jpg]

[Image: 06-Similar-Lineup-Finder-PHI-DEN-lineup-...son-3d.jpg]

So Todd Whitehead put this together and asks this question:

Quote:The Lakers (and Mavs) are succeeding with player-archetype combinations that don't work for other teams. Would they be even BETTER with more optimized fit? Or are their players just unique?

What do you think?
by KillerLeft at 09-21-2020, 10:36 PM
I see you - why no Hello?
by KillerLeft at 09-19-2020, 08:35 PM
Just saw this. Any Nolan fans in this community? 

Really crazy. I was able to follow the plot, but I'm 100% sure I missed some of the finer details. I need to watch it again.
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